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Yesterday being the monthly non-Hallmark holiday known as Wine Blogging Wednesday, my original plan was to hop a train to the city and cruise the German Riesling tasting while shuffling an iPod and tasting the various vinous delights. Alas, I couldn’t find my son’s iPod to borrow; plus, it would be kinda rude to keep shouting “HOW MUCH RESIDUAL SUGAR IS IN THIS?” over the din of the room and dull throb of hiphop.

Surely I jest. Everyone knows German Rieslings are better than ever and offer a range of sweetness. On the other hand, I think “Halbtrocken” is a term better suited for a James Bond villain than a category of wine. Surely I digress.

Regretfully, I never made the trip to the city (went wine shopping instead). And, worse, I failed to pursue Katie’s original WBW mission over at, which was to gauge the impact that listening to music had on tasting wine. However, I did have a pretty heavy tasting experience last night, so I am giving WBW #58 a whirl anyway.

Let us begin, together, by humming/mumbling or outright singing “She’s come undone… dat-un-dat-un-dato-dato-dato-ay… dat-un-dat-un-dato-dato-dato-ay….” Now, guess who! OK, that is the Guess Who. But what I am really asking is guess who is making Sauvignon Blanc now…. It is none other than Dry Creek Vineyard, the longtime keeper of the Fumé Blanc flame, whose just-released 2008 is labeled simply Sauvignon Blanc, representing a huge shift in thinking from this venerable Sonoma producer. Read the rest of this entry »