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I’m really trying to get the hang of this blogging thing. Went to a big tasting yesterday – Provence in the City – table upon table of jewel-like bottles of fresh rosy vins, with representatives at the ready to espouse as well as pour… Doing my best to poast at blogger’s speed, and yet, here I sit, more than 24 hours later, trying to muster up some passion. To paraphrase a song from A Chorus Line, “I feel nothing… I feel nothing…”

It wasn’t the wines’ fault. I tasted maybe a third of them. Enough to sense correctness; the wines as a group were fresh, clean, pure, mildly fruity and more than ready to take on the fig- and olive-centric array of edibles on hand at, conveniently enough, Fig & Olive restaurant in the meatpacking district. But there was something missing… Read the rest of this entry »